This is a collection of various tips and things I use in linux. This is actually up on the web more as a refrence to myself than anything else. I keep learning this stuff, but since I dont use it all that frequently I tend to forget how to do something exactly the next time i need to. So here are little commands I use and some tiny descriptions. If you have some tips tricks or think i am doing something the hard way please feel free to comment and share. If you have any Linux / Unix questions please feel free to post them if you think it is something I might be able to help you with. That said here is what I got… Commands:// secure copy. This allows you to copy a file to another computer over SSHscp filename compname:~/. (exactly like this no spaces may occur anywhere in this) //if something is in the background or you accidently suspended it you//can bring it back to the front by typingfg (in the command line) //if you have sudo access you can do about anything on the systemsudo cmd (any command you want, then it will ask for your password) //to quickly view a fileless filename.txt //to open and edit a fileemacs filename //to add to your path and edit many other settings this in your home directoryemacs .cshrc //to get to your home directorycd (or sometimes cd $HOME) //FTP stuffftp domain.comftp> cd directoryftp> put filenameftp> get otherfileftp> quit //To add users to the systemsudo adduser //edit a users password if your root or can sudosudo passwd username //to change your users password while logged on the systempasswd //to give users sudo accessudo visudo//to run a program and keep the console availableprogram & //if you dont have the proper permissions for a filechmod 666 filename (this gives read and write access to everyone, so it isn’t secure, man chmod if you need a specific file rights) TomCat:To start tomcat run �bin/start-tomcat� from tomcats home directoryTomcat installs /var/tomcat/webappsTomcat really /usr/local/Jakarta-tomcat

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