08 November 2003

OpenGL Resources

Dan Mayer
Dan Mayer @danmayer

This is a collection of various tips and things I use or have done in OpenGL. This is actually up on the web more as a refrence to myself than anything else. This is a collection of good links, programs, tutorials, and source code. That I have found usefull, created, or thought would be usefull to others. So enjoy any and all of my OpenGL info. Projects: 3D shooter I wrote, it could obviously be improved alot but it is a good easy start.
You can download the source and the exe and everything and mess with it yourself. This was written in Visual Studio.net Get it
I also made a fractal program into a openGL winamp plug in. If your interested in doing conversions to a winamp plug in yourself, you can download the source and the DLL for winamp and mess around with this.
Get the winamp code Links: A group of scanned 3D object models, and how to read and write them. NEHE the best place to go for open GL resources.