Well this is going to be a busy week. Instead of doing homework on saturday. I went to ft. Collins because my friend Matt wanted me to come up. Also since steve is in town i have been hanging out with him and doing stuff and there for not getting my work done. Today oddly enough instead of spending my time working on my various school projects, I worked for 6 hours on my work project. I accomplished quite a bit and I am now ready to introduce my Machine Learning blog. It follows my work and progress on some projects that i am working on and serves to be a center for most of my coding and source code. I am sure that doesn’t interest 90% of the people that read my blog, but oh well. I am planning to be really busy until spring break. Which is kind of annoying. I wanted to ask this girl out, but i really dont have any time to go out on a date before spring break. Also, the whole spring break thing is still up in the air. I seriously have no clue what I will be doing. Scott and Dom still dont know when they are off work, how much time they will have and such. Also, I am pretty sure they both would rather just spend it with thier girlfriends. So I am really thinking about just going to vegas with some of my other friends. Also Megan, one of my good friends from highschool is coming to colorado the same week as my break for her springbreak. I would really like to see her, but it is likely that no matter what I do i will be out of town. Maybe I should just flip a coin a couple of times and figure it out. Well now I am off to a statistics review session.. yeaaa school from 7-9! You got to love being inside the entire day when it is beautiful outside.

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