09 April 2004


Dan Mayer
Dan Mayer @danmayer

Alright i have been really busy on my senior project for the last couple weeks so I haven’t had time to really get any work done. I did however have a meeting with a CU AI professor who is familiar witht he use of SVMs. He thought i was on the right track and was approaching everything properly. He answered the one last question i had before i can really set the system up to start working on its own for categorization. So that was exciting. Now all i really need is a week or two to really spend some time coding. If i had the time i really think i could make a very impressive first run beta of the entire system. Then with some time i think it oculd turn into a pretty cool application. I am hoping to tweak some of the hard coded values to allow for much more flexability allowing hte system to be set up anywhere and work on categorizing any categories the user wants. The categories are currently hard coded into a few of the functions and in the end that wont be the best way to do things. Seperate good news is that my senior project just passed a 1 and 1/2 hour live test with 80 law students and a professor with no errors and no problems. That is the longest time the system has been used continously and by far the most users on the system at once. It is really kind of cool to think about the fact that their was 80 law students actively using something that i was a large part of creating. We are going to run a larger more extensive test on monday where the professor will be braodcasting a bunch of questions in class. We will see how that works out in the end, I am excited about it. The site will move soon, but if anyone is interested in looking at what my senior project can do take a look at http://blackout.cs.colorado.edu/mtroom3/jsp It is an interactive classroom for the law school, so that professors can more easily get feedback and quiz large classes of students. Finally a good friend of mine from my research lab was notice by google and they called her up to talk to her and ask for her resume. So that is some pretty exciting news, that they are actively searching out talent. Perhaps as my project matures they will stumble apon what i am doing.