I reached a great milestone with SVMMail today. I will be doing more test and releasing more information next week. The initial results are a 97% accuracy on the filter. Also with real world testing (so far a low number of 65 mails), there was only 2 errors (1 false positive) in prediction. I had training data of 550 real emails and 713 spam emails (all of which i collected in the 3 weeks or so that I ahve been working on this project.) I am really excited that I have past the stumbling blocks that I was on the last 3 days where I was actually getting a 0% accuracy because a bug the was generating a pretty much random model. There is currently no web interface and it is all just run directly from java (jbuilder in my case). I will add features like that and the ability to track how many of each type of error my system makes later. This is a great I am really happy with how this is working out.

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