08 February 2005

GNU tar errors on windows

Dan Mayer
Dan Mayer @danmayer

I ran into a very odd error while running GNU tar on windows XP under dos or the cmd.exe (dos emulator). The error must be incredibly rare since i only found one other post with similiar problems. I will first explain the error and then how it was fixed or resolved. here is the one link that I found with the similiar GNU windows tar error tar error

  my error:C:\dev\dsmayer\sandbox\exe>tar cvf tester.tar newstar: Cannot add file news: No such file or directory (ENOENT)tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

news was a standard directory. the error we found was occuring because we were in the C:\dev\*.* directory apparently dev and aux (as the other user was having that error) are some sort of key words that screw up the program, I dont know why. I do know that moving tar.ext and my directory to a folder c:\temp or any other c:\*.*.\dsmayer\sandbox\exe and it would work. So if your having any erros similiar with GNU tar I suggest changing directories and seeing if that fixes your problems. Taring under cygwin in this directory worked fine it was only a problem when taring in dos. Good luck post any questions, comments, or other issues relating to GNU tar on windows here.