alright here is a post to my neglected blog. It always falls behind… Anyways i have been doing a ton of programming, but sadly none of it is very interesting or new right now. Alot of the stuff I am doing I have done before, but I am trying to build up a system which I can use to explore some new ideas and I need a nice simple toolset built up before doing anything else all the interesting. So it might be awhile, before I have any really interesting things to post on here, but i will try and we will see when I get a chance to get back to my AI interests.

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Welcome to Dan Mayer's development blog. I primary write about Ruby development, distributed teams, and dev/PM process. The archives go back to my first CS classes during college when I was first learning programming. I contribute to a few OSS projects and often work on my own projects, You can find my code on github.

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