just cause i didnt find code on this fast enough here is code to copy a file using java. It reads the file in while writting it out using buffered readers and writters:

   public static void copy(String from, String to) throws IOException{   InputStream in = null;    OutputStream out = null;    try {        in = new FileInputStream(from);        out = new FileOutputStream(to);        int length = 128*10240; // danger!        byte[] bytes = new byte[length];        int read=0;        for(;;){        read=in.read(bytes,0,length);        if(read==-1){            break;        }        out.write(bytes,0,read);        }        } finally {            if (in != null) {                in.close();            }            if (out != null) {                out.close();            }        }    }

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