Well I am done with the Rocky Mountain Software Symposium (RMSS), No Fluff just Stuff. Which was excellent. I learned a ton I wish I could go to one of these ever 3 to 6 months… Anyways I learned alot and have some great stuff that I can put into use on my projects at work. I also learned a ton of just really cool and interesting stuff. That will make me a better programmer all the time, as well as get me moving on new technologies faster than others. Anyways, it was really cool and interesting. Hopefully I will get to use and play with some of the code before i forget all of the cool stuff that i just learned… check the new RSS feed reader that is on the front of wastedbrains to see something I coded up real quick… I highly recommend the no fluff just stuff tour to everyone.

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I primary write about Ruby development, distributed teams, & dev/PM process. The archives go back to my first CS classes during college when I was learning to write software. I contribute to a few OSS projects and often work on my own projects. You can find my code on github.

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