I always liked computer visualization. I think it is fun and interesting, and drawing Mandelbrot for the first time brought a smile to my face. I always thought I understood sorting, AI, search, and other algorithms best when you could really see them in action. I always enjoyed little videos or applets of a bunch of different sorting algorithms comparing their differences and speeds. I don’t really have time right now to do a whole bunch, but when I saw processing ported to javascript I thought I really would have to write a visualization for at least one sort just for the fun of playing around with a cool project. So here is a link to my Quicksort in Processing.js, it will only work in the very newest browsers (FF3, Opera 9.5, and other beta browsers… feel free to try it out on anything worst thing that will happen is just an empty box… but it will not likely do anything on older browsers). Anyways, just some fun coding to play around with… If anyone can figure out how to make the double buffering / frame rate look good I would love a fix to make the animation run smoothly.

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