livingsocial, ruby, jobsI just started my new gig at LivingSocial. I had been a fan of their product ever since moving to DC. I had loved how it got groups of my friends to get together and plan something. I also really enjoyed how it gave me new ideas of cool things to do in my city. Especially since I just moved to DC and didn’t really know what to do. We have bought deals to restaurants we wanted to try, restaurants we already knew and loved, kennedy center brunch with a group of friends, a wine tour with a group of 5 of us going. We have really enjoyed the savings, but even more so that it helps get us out there doing and trying new things. Anyways I will be joining the development team, obviously doing Ruby stuff, since that is what I am focused on now. The team is already impressive and has accomplished a lot and scaled the site to request levels I have yet to deal with. I am excited to get to work and learn with the team, while bringing some of my skills from past experiences to help with the team. Yesterday, I pushed my first code live to production, which made me an official member of the team. Now to dig in and wrap my head around this code base.

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Welcome to Dan Mayer's development blog. I primary write about Ruby development, distributed teams, and dev/PM process. The archives go back to my first CS classes during college when I was first learning programming. I contribute to a few OSS projects and often work on my own projects, You can find my code on github.

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