Avdi a ex-Devver, developer, has just announced that ShipRise LLC is open for business. He is looking to do freelancing/contracting for Ruby and other hard development problems. I can attest to Avdi’s skill in breaking down hard problems (like distributed test running) into elegant simple solutions. If you are looking for a great dev to work with you on a project, ping him. Besides Ruby and general coding, Avdi is ready to help with “Dispersed team facilitation”, which he has long term experience with. If you have a small distributed team of developers, he can help get everyone on the right path to work together, while being apart. He is gather a ton of information to help remote workers at his new blog Wide Teams.

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I primary write about Ruby development, distributed teams, & dev/PM process. The archives go back to my first CS classes during college when I was learning to write software. I contribute to a few OSS projects and often work on my own projects. You can find my code on github.

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