25 March 2014

Talk Proposal Help

Dan Mayer
Dan Mayer @danmayer

I wrote my first CFP and submitted a talk to GoRuCo. Sadly, I wasn’t selected, but I think thing I have something worth working on. I got some additional feedback that I hadn’t received in time to update my GoRuCo proposal. I have incorporated the changes and now plan to submit my talk idea to RubyNation (6 days left of CFPs). I would love to get some additional feedback on other ways to improve the proposal or make sure it is interesting to the audience.

If you have any feedback on the proposal below you can use draftin to submit your changes to my document.

Talk Title

Production Code Analysis: Tales of deleting 200K+ LOC

Talk Description:

In a long-lived Ruby application with many contributors, it’s common to feel like you have lost control of the codebase. Refactoring is difficult in these situations, but tools are available to help you regain the control you once had. I will cover driving refactoring based on production metrics and analysis as a solution to this problem.

  • Start simple: what you can learn from New Relic and other performance monitors
  • Fill in missing pieces with event tracking, email tracking, partial tracking, i18n locale tracking, and one-off trackers
  • Quickly comparing performance between two implementations
  • Introduce Coverband code coverage in production, which detects unused code.

Talk Format:

30 Min

Intended Audience:


Speaker Bio:

I moved to Ruby from Java while trying to create a startup. We were funded by Techstars then O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and briefly known in the Ruby community for Devver (cloud accelerated testing) and Caliper (code metrics). Failing to find a revenue stream, I joined the fast growing company LivingSocial. At LS, I have worked on internal, mobile, consumer, and platform initiatives. Currently tech lead for Consumer Deals, helping tame our mono-Rails beast. I write about code at http://mayerdan.com

Has this talk been given in the past? (If so, where?):

No, this is the first CFP I have ever written, I have been kind of scared of public speaking ;)

note: Since writing this CFP I gave a portion of this talk as a 5 minute lightning talk at mountain west Ruby conf

None. Mostly I have written about code on my blog, http://mayerdan.com. For instance, I introduced Coverband on my blog.

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