Zola Electric Career

Tomorrow is my last day at Zola Electric, it is time for a different challenge. It has been an amazing ride over the last 4+ years. Helping grown from a single country with non connected devices to smart devices that can power a large variety of appliances. During my time with Zola it has grown to provide energy access to over 1 million people without grid access in Africa. It has been a rewarding and challenging experience. I wanted to share my favorite story from working at Zola over the last few years.

Installing Solar

My first installation in Tanzania

Want to see it in action, visit the Coverband Demo Site, visit a few pages and watch the coverage report change as you use the site.

Satisfying Work

On my first work visit to Arusha, we had scheduled a number of activities for me to better understand the business and our operations. One of which was to go watch an installation occur near Arusha. On arrival, the children were playing in the yard and extremely excited to see us visit. After a bit of discussion and planning of where cabling, lights, and the M-series box will go we get started. I volunteer to install the panel, with no ladder available, I climbed a tree and jumped onto the tin roof attached the solar panel in place. Using a screwdriver to part the roof panels to run the panel cabling through the roof to the box. I came down to help finish install some of the lights. The mother holding the youngest baby turns on her Zola lights for the first time and the kids’ cheer and dance by her feet while a smile of pride and happiness fills her face. It is possibly the best and most satisfying work moment of my life.

Happy Mother

The happy mother after installation of lighting system

More Photos!

Climbing the tree

Climbing to the roof

Jumping over

Jumping over to the roof, sure hope it holds me!!!

Adding a light

Hanging a light as part of the installation, seen earlier with the Mother below

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